Franco Scaringi


Tony’s training in the arts, through his wonderful talents, is completely
geared towards the feeling of the human figure through drawing and modeling in a big variety of materials …
his research is fully managed in a personal way, of how the human being should be studied,
investigated and broken so as to be extended, and beyond: in the world, in reality that is more raw, revealing its own form of language ...

Franco Scaringi, Sculptor in Trani, South of Italy.
(from the first Catalog of Tony Cassanelli)






Gigi Guadagnucci


Tony Cassanelli is the most extraorinary talents I’ve encountered among young sculptors.
I respect and deeply admire his work
and I follow it very closely for more than ten years.
I consider him among the emerging, the only sculptor I know that are
able to continue the old tradition of marble sculpture, and not only of it,
and carry on with its culture and above all his fascinating talent,
experimentation in the field of figurative in contemporary  sculpture.
Gigi Guadagnucci   20/02/2012

Gigi Guadagnucci,  Sculptor.
Born in Tuscany in 1915. In France since 1936. In Paris from 1953. Atelier in Montparnasse.
First essay on him by Pierre Courthion on XXème Siècle in 1964.
Collaborated  with artists as Yves Klein, Jean Tinguely, Pierre Restany,
Heny Moore, Noguchi, Ipousteguy an others.
Commendatore of The Italian Republic for high artistic merits.
Chavalier of The Order Of Arts and Letters of France.
In 2015, two years after his death, was opened in Massa,
in seventeenth-century palace of Rinchostra, the first museum dedicated entirely to his opera.






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Monographic catalogs of Tony Cassanelli of 2002 and 2007




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