Grab A Timber To Get Them Back

02 -03 - 2016

Energy and Poetry don't need any visa to cross borders. Struggling to keep from falling, holding on to those boards, the act 
of creation vindicates the spirit of an Africa that doesn't have to drown, but live



(From Sabbath Salt Series)





24 -03 - 2015

Tony Cassanelli interprets the outline of a woman's body on what is really a man's skin. Scoring traces of femininity with a knife blade, on the very flesh of a male, that then acquire movement, expressing an unmistakable feminine sensuality. A man who tries to identify himself within


(From Intimacy Series)





21 -03 - 2014

This video is about the series of works,
done in 2009 - 2012, called INTIMACY.
Subject, sculptures and drawings by Tony Cassanelli.

Cinematography, editing done by WOJTEK PUSTOŁA in collaboration with JULIO URREGO.


(From Intimacy Series)




Performance for a birth

21 -02 - 2012

This film testifies the process of gestation, birth and creation of a sculpture by Tony Cassanelli, the artistic performance that is being created around the execution
of an artwork directly improvised in a block of marble
in a totally free way,
a performance which as such, possesses in itself the same value of the finished work.
Music, Hidrelez by Mercan Dede.

(From Intimacy Series)



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